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About Us
We are proud to offer excellent Motor Policies designed for the Expatriate driving in Cyprus. The policy enjoys the quality cialis pas cher service of the UK with full annual European Green Card. This Insurance enables you to use or keep your car in Cyprus for 12 months, whilst providing up to 90 days use outside Cyprus but within the EU. We have included Gibraltar within the scope of cover.
Abbeygate only use insurers who are ALL FSA, FSC, ABI registered in the UK.
Abbeygate enjoy an enviable reputation for Quality Service. This forms an excellent platform for sustained growth.
As the fastest growing Brokerage for the expatriate community in Cyprus we are showing ourselves to offer a Competitive product with Quality service. We have the full support from our UK Insurers who are committed to continued growth.

In Cyprus:
Designed for You:
We are able to search for, and facilitate, Motor Insurance Polices to best suit the Expatriates needs
By Insuring your UK reg. car in Cyprus through us, we allow you to more easily adopt the lifestyle you choose.
TEL: 26819175
We know that you will find our Product to be the most suitable.

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